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Ever wanted more hours in the day? We will let you in on a little secret, it's called Showtime and it will give you energy and motivation to get stuff done. Not just for the gym, we're talking energy to get through your housework, emails, life, whatever! Low in calories and bursting in flavour, get ready to feel good.

ENERGY We've only included energy sources that are powerful and smooth, so you can be sure they're long-lasting with no jitters. 

THERMOSHRED Showtime is packed with 10 active fat burning ingredients to get your body firing.

FOCUS Jam-packed some of the most heavily researched physical and cognitive performance ingredients into every single Showtime tub

1 scoop (5.5g) mixed with 700ml of cold water and drink immediately.

Consume no more than 1 scoop daily. 

Thermo: 1 scoop in the morning or before lunch.

Pre-workout: 1 scoop 20 minutes before training.

Taurine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Flavours, Inulin, Food acids (Malic Acid, Citric Acid), Anticaking agent (Silica), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium), Green Tea, Green Coffee (Coffea robusta), Caffeine Anhydrous (Caffeine), L-Theanine, Coleus (as Coleus forskohllii), Bitter Orange (50% Synephrine), Beetroot Juice Powder, Grains of Paradise (as Aframomum melegueta) (seed).

Contains Caffeine.