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At Rapid Supplements, the journey started over 30 years ago, the Founder – Mark Dale first began a quest for weight loss as an obese teenager.

From an early age he learnt the benefits of good nutrition, health and especially exercise. With a passion for training he then competed in multiple sports at national levels.

18 years ago he started working in the sport supplement industry in sales and product formulation. After working for major international brands he gained the experience and knowledge to launch Rapid Shred. 

Rapid Supplements have a passion for exercise and are committed to develop products that help improve your performance, recover faster and reach your weight loss goals.

Every one of the Rapid Supplements products is developed and used by the owners, Rapid Supplements love to workout in fact one of our owners has been training and dieting for over 33 years, He refuses to release a product unless it has been rigorously tested and is effective.