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Gaspari GlycoFuse – Rapid Performance & Recovery Carbohydrate

If you’re looking for a premium quality carbohydrate supplement, Gaspari GlycoFuse® might just be the product for you. Using patented ingredients such as Carb10™ and Cluster Dextrin®, Gaspari GlycoFuse® provides sustained energy without crashes in energy or bloating. Gaspari GlycoFuse® is a high-quality carbohydrate formula that may help you enhance your performance in the gym, on the track or on the sports field. Carbohydrates are our body’s preferred source of energy for moderate to high intensity exercise. During exercise, we deplete blood glucose as well as glycogen stores in our muscles and liver. Through supplementing with a carb formula like Gaspari GlycoFuse®, these levels can be maintained and athletic performance and recovery may be improved. By using low glycaemic index carb sources like Carb10™ and highly branched cyclic dextrin as Cluster Dextrin®, Gaspari GlycoFuse® prevents rapid rises and the subsequent falls in blood glucose levels, which can drastically effect performance. The patented carb sources in Gaspari GlycoFuse® are also fortified with Albion® chelated minerals for optimal uptake, hydration and performance.