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What is Creatine HCL and How Can it Benefit you?

Creatine is a chemical in the body that helps improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass. It can also be sourced from red meat and fish; however, this is suboptimal. It is next to impossible to get enough creatine from food at adequate doses and the amount created by the body caps out at a certain level. Supplementing is therefore the only real option to experience the amazing benefits and results offered by Creatine.

Emrald Labs has recently introduced the best creatine supplement for those who want to enhance their strength and recovery rate. Creatine HCL is a powder product that is not only comparatively more soluble in fluids but also proven to be five times more effective than the standard creatine.

Taking creatine as a dietary supplement boosts the natural creatine stores in the body. It can, in fact, increase muscle creatine content by more than 40 percent compared to normal. It even plays a role in improving muscle growth rates.

That is because creatine is stored as phosphocreatine in the muscle tissues. It synthesizes during high-intensity exercises. Since creatine can pull water into your muscle cells, protein synthesis increases as a result. Therefore, your overall energy improves. The increase in water content also causes the cells to swell slightly.

It is recommended to take one serve of the supplement daily before working out. Without the side effects such as bloating or water retention, Emrald Labs Creatine HCL ensures the following benefits:

  • Extra energy in the muscles
  • Improvement of recovery
  • Increase in muscle strength

Suggested Use
Take 1 serve daily prior to workout (or as desired)