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Our practitioner-grade Valerian herbal extract offers a natural approach to deal with sleeplessness. The herb is traditionally used as a soporific to induce sleep. It has therapeutic evidence that it reduces disturbed sleep and decreases restlessness & excess energy. 

Our seed to bottle herbal extraction process commences within 24 hours of the Valeriana officinalis being harvested, capturing the fresh root active medicinal constituents in a concentrated oral liquid form, size 30ml. 

Traditionally used: 

  • to decrease, reduce, and relieve sleeplessness.
  • to decrease, reduce, and relieve disturbed and restless sleep. 
  • as a soporific to induce sleep.
  • to decrease, reduce relieve restlessness and excess energy.  
  • as a nervine and support nervous system.
  • as an antispasmodic, spasmolytic.