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Total war RTD

Total war RTD

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TOTAL WAR is one of the best-selling, pre-workout powders because it’s an all-in-one preworkout that packs a powerful combination of endurance, pump, energy and focus factors. Every. Single. Time.

The ready-to-drink version is no different, and that’s the reason it’s reached as high of a demand as the original powder. We believe this is the only fully dosed pre-workout drinks on the market!

With 365mg Caffeine, 3.2g Beta Alanine, 1g Taurine and 6g Citrulline Malate at the core of the formula, TOTAL WAR Ready-to-Drink delivers all of the same energy, focus, pump and performance benefits as the powder, but comes in a more convenient, on-the-go option and is available in over 10 delicious, refreshing flavors.

NOTE : We do not recommend this product for people that are caffeine sensitive or for people 16 years or younger.