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BPM Labs Estroblok - Perfect Your Hormone Balance

Alongside a strong Test booster, to maximise its effect, it’s always a great plan to negate an increase in the anti-anabolic hormone ‘Estrogen’. Estrogen has the polar opposite impact on your body to Test where it can break down muscle tissue, and allow the body to more easily store body fat. As men age, there is normally a significant decrease in test production, but without a corresponding decrease in the production of estrogen and DHT. BPM Labs Estroblok puts the brakes on DHT and Estrogen, allowing your free-flowing Test(See BPM Labs Testomaxxx) to reignite the body’s potential to build muscle and burn fat.

BPM Labs Estroblok:

  • Can lower production of estrogen.
  • May assist in increasing lean muscle tissue.
  • May assist in increasing the body’s free Test levels.
  • Promotes Optimal Anabolic Hormone Levels for Athletes.
  • Can reduce DHT levels.