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Protein Delicious

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Whether you require quick recovery, lean tissue enhancement, fast protein absorption or an added serve of quality protein nutrients, PROTEIN DELICIOUS has you covered.

For elite athletes, intermediate or beginners this complete protein formula with superior taste, quality and protein source is ideal for serious trainers, gym junkies, weekend warriors (training once or twice a week) and individuals that simply require a protein hit to cover their daily nutritional requirements.

With outstanding flavour, PROTEIN DELICIOUS has high digestibility and absorption, and contains a full amino acid profile, both essential and non-essential.

Grass fed, chemical and hormone free.

Sourced from producers of the highest quality protein in the world, Murray Goulburn Victoria Australia and Fonterra New Zealand makers of Devondale Milk.

  • Quick recovery
  • Perfect for Keto diets
  • Lean tissue enhancement
  • Fast protein absorption
  • Elite, intermediate & beginner athletes
  • Serious trainers, gym junkies, weekend warriors
  • Perfect for a daily protein hit
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Highly digestible
  • Full amino acid profile
  • Australian ingredients