Musashi Starter Bundle

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Your essential stack!

  • 900g 100% Whey Protein!
  • 350g Creatine!
  • 350g Intra-workout!
  • Free Shaker!

(please note shaker is selected at random)

900G 100% Whey Protein - This formula acts as an ultimate protein source to meet the needs of athletes and bodybuilders looking to maximise lean muscle and optimise recovery. This advanced low carbohydrate formula is  scientifically designed to support your sports nutrition needs in a delicious formula that tastes great and mixes with ease.

350G Creatine - Creatine is a molecule produced in the body and is a dietary precursor of Phosphocreatine which releases energy. It can help to support energy production, enhance muscle strength and increase lean body mass during high intensity exercise and resistance training. MUSASHI CREATINE is micronised to ensure easy mixing.

350G Intra-workout - Designed for intra-workout consumption, this advanced formulation is designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes whether competing on the field or working out on the gym floor. Easy mix ability, a delicious taste and high strength ingredients act as an intra-workout catalyst to take your game or gym session to the next level.