Multi Vitamin

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Body Science's Multi Vitamin is a carefully selected blend of highly potent antioxidants, essential vitamins, folic acid, minerals and selenium in order to cover all your nutritional bases. This is a formula designed to fill the gaps in a less than perfect diet, negating the sometimes negative effects of modern life. It’s also an immune system supporting formula.

This product is stacked with those all-important vitamins to combat deterioration that can occur from daily stress and poor diet. The B vitamins play a very important role in the cellular metabolism and adrenal functions, they are generally referred to as anti-stress vitamins.

This multi is also full of valuable antioxidants to fight free radicals, destructive agents that can contribute to ageing and disease.

It’s not always easy to lead a balanced diet in conjunction with a proper exercise plan and all within a busy day. Multi Vitamins are designed to be in your corner as an all-round versatile supplement.