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Redcon1 MRE Meal Replacement

Fueling your body adequately throughout the day not only helps to support general health, wellbeing and energy levels, it’s the key to making those critical gains in the gym! MRE commonly known in the military as Meals Ready-to-Eat are rations typically given to soldiers, simply to provide them with all the nutrients to keep them running strong whilst out in the field. Redcon1 have formulated their own take on the classic MRE, combining real whole foods and quality ingredients to best help fuel your daily activities and assist with the repair and recovery after your workouts.

Are you too busy that you can't sit down to eat either? Rather than going hungry, fuel up quick with Redcon! MRE Meal Replacement.

Each specially formulated serving of Recon1’s MRE provides you with a range of wholefoods from amino rich sources:

  • Whole food protein blend consisting of Beef, Pea, Rice, Salmon, and Chicken protein along with Egg Albumin gives you a great serve of protein to help with recovery efforts, maximising growth and adequate daily protein intake.
  • Complex carbohydrate blend consisting of rolled oats, yams and sweet potato to give you long lasting energy.
  • Fats sourced from MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides) commonly extracted from coconut oil - this form of fat is used effectively by the body as a source of energy.

No matter what your goal is Redcon1’s MRE can easily fit into your diet! Perfect for a filling meal substitute on the go to help support weight loss or to help gain muscle and size whilst maximising fuel for recovery this comprehensive blend will have your back even when you feel you’re running out of time!