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Macro Hut Pronut

Macro Hut Pronut

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The Macro Hut team understand the immense pressure of leading a busy life, while also trying to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. With stress building up you might find yourself reaching for a sugar filled snack with no nutritional value - Let us help instead!

Enter the Pronut!

With extensive experience in the health and fitness industry and a passion for nutrition  & macros Macro Hut know how vital eating right is to a healthy lifestyle. After years of creating delicious protein treats at home we decided to try our hand at reinventing the donut.

After many hours of research and baking - triumphs and tears - They did it. The Guilt Free Pronut was born!

Boasting high levels of protein and fiber with low calories and no sugar it is hard to believe what you are eating could be good for you! The Pronut is the real healthy, everyday treat!

Try one The only problem is stopping at one! 


Donut worry it’s healthy. 

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