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ESTRO is a potent blend of botanicals, micronutrients and carefully selected minerals designed to optimise and restore your natural 'you'! 

Hormonal imbalances are very commonplace in modern society.

We are bombarded day to day by:

  • Stressors from multiple sources,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Chemicals including pesticides, cosmetics and pollutants,
  • Nutrient deficiencies, poor diets,
  • Poor sleep,
  • Alcohol consumption 

Which naturally will place burden on our bodies complex hormonal balance. Stress alone is shown in studies to elevate Cortisol, which negatively impacts Thyroid function, driving own your Metabolism. It is also demonstrated in studies to increase Estrogen, and lower Testosterone.

Cortisol also hampers our bodies defenses from our environmental burdens, slowing our detoxification pathways. When detoxification is burdened, Estrogen and other primary hormones can  no longer be removed from circulation to achieve balance. 

The chemical environmental burden further aids this Cortisol in taxing our detox pathways that are crucial for maintaining hormonal balance.

So how do we know if hormonal imbalances may be occurring?

Symptoms of Estrogen related imbalances can include:

  • Low mood, irrational mood swings and general anxiety,
  • Running on gut feelings of general worrying 
  • Bloating, 
  • Fluid retention 
  • Stubborn body fat around lower stomach, lower back and hips, butt and thighs
  • Slow thyroid function 
  • Diagnosis of conditions such as PCOS or Endometriosis