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Dextrose is naturally calorie-dense and easy for the body to break down for energy. Because of this, dextrose powder is widely used by bodybuilders & individuals who are looking to increase weight and muscle and increase energy during workouts!

Our bodies run on energy, or calories, like our cars run on fuel. Some sources of energy, like fat and protein, take a long time to digest into energy, while carbs are the body’s choice for quick energy.

- Increase Absorption of Other Amino Acids

- A Fast Digesting Carbohydrate For Strength & Energy

- Perfect Addition To your Post Workout Shake For Those Looking To Gain Muscle

Anyone who needs the energy of a simple sugar can use dextrose. It’s commonly used by endurance athletes who need constant, quick energy during their workouts (think sports drinks).

It can also be used regularly for carb loading. However, due to its ability to spike insulin and increase the absorption of other molecules (like amino acids) it can also be used by anyone looking to boost the impact of their post-workout supplements.