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BANG Energy

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VPX Bang Energy Cans - Fuel Your Destiny! 

Are you ready for the ultimate mouth-watering experience? Bang Energy drink by VPX is a great alternative to your pre-workout or coffee. Unlike stereotypical energy drinks which often are high in sugar and packed with nasties, Bang Energy drink offers potent brain fuel and a natural surge in energy without making you crash. Zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero sugars – that’s the energy-enhancing drink you want to enhance your performance!

  • Helps to delay fatigue.
  • Helps to enhance endurance.
  • Promotes cognitive function & motivation.
  • Promotes sustainable energy.

This drink is the perfect on-the-go energy-booster. Jam-packed with potent ingredients to help enhance energy, Bang Energy drink by VPX also delays fatigue, boosts endurance and promotes cognitive function. Each can contains caffeine to sharpen your focus during a workout set, boost performance and improve reaction times.  Last but not least, B vitamins are added to assist in promoting natural energy production and general vitality. Take your training to the next level – with Bang Energy drink by VPX!