Supplements! Magic or not?

Supplements! Magic or not?

Posted by Anthony Lawrence on

In a world full of marketing it easy to fall into the idea that a magic pill or potion is going fix all of our problems. Its quick, it's easy and it requires no real hard output by us, the individual. 

Sorry to say though, all things that reap good reward require time, energy and effort! This is not limited to our diet, our health and  our fitness, but it can largely be illustrated in many areas of it. 

HOWEVER!Supplements can be PART of the magic!

When we expect less from the supplement itself and understand the right applicative approach to our desired goal is most important, then we can use supplements to fill in any short falls we may have with that approach. 

Supplements can be a missing link in an already almost complete approach. They can also be one link applied that doesn't quite do its job in a really incomplete approach.

It is the above two things that breeds both supplement skeptics as well as pro supplement users. This is where we believe the concept of magic pills and potions comes from. 

The point is that Supplements are something we use as a tool. The APPROACH is what matters! The approach to a particular goal is determined by our understanding of how to achieve it. 

We can decide to put our faith into a supplement hoping it will get us to the goals OR we can put our time, energy and effort into understanding what is required for the goal and actioning the plan or approach. If supplements become a part of that goal based on need, then so be it. 

No matter whether it is a particular health issue, performance goal or a physique change we must understand the basic workings of the system. From here we devise the plan. Often seeking assistance from healthcare professionals or experienced trainers is required as many aspects of health have too many moving parts. 

When looking at buying supplements we must first determine, what is the need? Can it be achieved from diet or behaviour change? 

Then we need to look at the options, method of action and what will suit us best. FINDING THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB. 

With this approach you will find less chance of falling into the idea of ALL supplements being scams as well as the notion that particular supplements are MAGIC. 

When it comes to supplementation we recommend finding good guidance with the particular goal you are trying to achieve. Remembering that there is a sales element to supplement stores, we try to get people to understand the method of action before buying any product. 

If you need honest, informative and straight forward advice on supplementation be sure to reach out to us, We know a guy! 


We hope this helps. 

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